Beach day tour El Salvador

5 Reasons why El Salvador has to be your next destination.

What does the smallest country in Central America have to offer?

1 – The country of the volcanoes

Despite having only 21,000 km2, we have more than 23 Active Volcanoes. One of the most impressive the volcano of Santa Ana or known as Ilamatepec, from where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

2 – Mayan Archaeological Sites

Prehispanic vestiges that show the step and life of indigenous civilizations. One of the most outstanding is Joya de Cerén (World Heritage of Humanity), known as the Pompeii of America, which shows how they lived, how they ate, how they slept, beliefs and architecture of a Mayan population of 1400 years ago. All because of a volcanic eruption that I buried and conserved in ashes an agricultural community.

3 – Cultural and Natural Wealth

Picturesque colonial towns, beautiful volcanic lakes, volcanic mountain ranges, waterfalls, 300 km of beach, some of them used for international surfing championships.

4 – Its Architecture

The historic center of San Salvador with its Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace and its famous El Rosario church, with a unique and unique beauty in the continent.

5 – The People

But something special and that will make your experience unique, is the contact with people. As they say: Salvadorans are kind to not being able to, they always offer to help you with a smile that seems to escape their faces. People who struggle to earn their daily bread with the sweat of their brow and the pain of their bones, but always ready to help you.

I know we have problems with delinquency, like any other Latin American country. With basic security measures and common sense, your stay will be fabulous, and we are sure that you will want to return.

Cheer up, give El Salvador a try, and find out what you have to offer.