Acajutla Port Shore Excursions El Salvador

Acajutla Port Shore Excursion

If you are about to visit the Acajutla Port, choose the perfect Shore Excursion tour for your visit. El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but with many options to enjoy your stay. The Port of Acajutla is in a strategic position, the best destinations are very close to it. Discover your perfect Acajutla Port Shore Excursion.

  • Would you like to explore colonial cities on a volcanic mountain range surrounded by coffee plantations? Well then the Ruta de Las Flores tour is the perfect shore excurision tour for you. Five colonial towns of indigenous origin, with open markets, handicraft sales, impressive landscapes, hot springs. This tour will give you a good test of what El Salvador has to offer. The first stop on the Ruta e Las Flores is just 40 minutes from Acajutla Port. You can customize your visit to Ruta de Las Flores with optional activities such as Coffee Tours, relaxing visit to hot springs. Or you can fill your Acajutla port shore excursion with adrenaline with Buggie Tour on the mountains or Zip Line on coffee plantations.
  • Cerro Verde National Park is for nature lovers. Our first stop the Cerro Verde National Park is located 1.00 hours from Acajutla Port. A misty forest located on top of an extinct volcano. The last eruption recorded since 25,000 years ago. Next to Cerro Verde are the Santa Ana volcano, the highest in El Salvador and the Izalco Volcano, the youngest in the country. You will take a walk inside this misty forest, observing some of the species of birds, plants and mammals in the forest. You will have stunning views of the volcanoes and Lake Coatepeque. We will end with a visit to the colonial city of Izalco, located at the foot of the volcano of the same name. We will know the history of this legendary city, one of the first indigenous peoples to be colonized in El Salvador.
  • If what you like is Archeology, you will love your visit to El Salvador. Mayan Route Acajutla port Shore excursion it’s the perfect activity. We will visit the archaeological site Casa Blanca. A set of pyramids that were the center of an important Mayan lordship of the preclassic period between 200 BC. and 250 A.D. Human activity has been recorded for approximately 5000 years. Later we will visit Tazumal, with the largest pyramid in El Salvador, approximately 24 meters high. This place has been a ceremonial center of different civilizations including the Mayans. You will also discover the Historic Center of the city of Santa Ana, the second most important city in El Salvador, along with its unique theater and the impressive Gothic-style Cathedral.