Santa Ana Volcano Hiking Tour

Santa Ana volcano hiking tour is one of the most spectacular things you can do in El Salvador. The Santa Ana Volcano is the highest volcano in El Salvador. With a height of 7811 feet above sea level. The panoramic views are simply dazzling. This Santa Ana volcano hikig tour will undoubtedly make you enter into a deep contact with nature. Venture to conquer one of the most impressive peaks in El Salvador

We will start this adventure from San Salvador. Early in the morning we will leave from San Salvador towards the Cerro Verde National Park. Located inside a volcano complex, the Cerro Verde National Park gives us the privilege of enjoying a misty forest located on its extinct crater. Before starting our Santa Ana volcano hiking tour, we will hike in the thick nebulous forest. Cerro Verde is undoubtedly an important home for many species of birds, insects and mammals. The Cerro Verde will allow you to have spectacular views of the lake of Coatepeque, the volcano of Izalco and the volcano of Santa Ana.

Santa Ana volcano hiking tour

Once the internal tour in Cerro Verde is finished, we will begin our trek to the top of the Santa Ana Volcano. The Santa Ana Volcano, also known as the Ilamatepec Volcano, is the least difficult to climb, although a fit condition will help you to feel the easier ascension. The Santa Ana volcano hiking tour takes approximately 4 hours. 2 hours to climb and 2 hours to descend

In the ascent walk to the Santa Ana volcano you will notice the existence of 3 different types of forest. The first part of the hike will be over cloud forest, where you can enjoy the shade of the thick vegetation. The second part of the walk will be on land with a small vegetation, such as shrubs and agaves. Finally, in an eroded land, where the lack of vegetation allows you to have a spectacular view of the Salvadoran territory. The last eruption of the imposing volcano of Santa Ana was in the year 2005.

Once you have reached the top of this Santa Ana volcano, you will be amazed by the beautiful turquoise lagoon that rests at the bottom of the crater. From the crater the landscapes are simply indescribable. You can observe the splendor of the Pacific Ocean, the volcano of Izalco, the tranquility of Lake Coatepeque. This is where you realize that your effort is well rewarded. The challenge of Santa Ana volcano hiking tour has been overcome!

Coatepeque Lake: The Snake Hill.

After finishing our Santa Ana volcano hiking tour, it is time to start a new adventure. We will visit the most beautiful lake in El Salvador, the Lake of Coatepeque. Renowned for changing color in a whimsical way to a beautiful turquoise color, at least twice a year. From here you can enjoy a delicious lunch with a privileged panoramic view. Coatepeque means: Cerro de la serpiente. Here you will discover the legend of the lake that the locals kept living.

The lake of Coatepeque is also a volcanic Caldera, which makes it an interesting tourist destination. Without a doubt, the Santa Ana Volcano Hike tour will be an experience that you will not forget, discover it with us

Santa Ana Volcano Crater

Caminata al volcán de Santa Ana

Unforgettable experiences in Santa Ana volcano
  • Impressive landscapes of the Salvadoran territory.
  • Reach the top of the highest volcano in El Salvador.
  • Walk in the wonderful nebulous forest of Cerro Verde.
  • Visit the most beautiful lake in El Salvador.
Hike to the Santa Ana Volcano Includes

Transport in comfortable recent vehicle, all the entrances to the places of interest, all the taxes, bottle of water, professional tourist guide, internal walk in Cerro Verde, visit to the lake of coatepeque, round trip transfers to your lodging hotel in area metropolitan of San Salvador.

Not included

Lunches, drinks not specified, tips (optional)

Important information to take into account
  • Do not forget to bring your sunscreen.
  • wear your mountain shoes or comfortable shoes, for difficult terrain.
  • You can take your swimsuit, if you want to swim in Lake Coatepeque.
  • In the rainy season, do not forget to bring your poncho.
  • Take your camera with you to take spectacular pictures