Flowers Route Tour El Salvador. If you like to enjoy local food, beautiful landscapes, colorful colonial towns, coffee plantations, history or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Flowers Route tour is the ideal tour for you.

Without a doubt, the Flowers Route tour is a destination that has it all. From waterfalls to volcanic arsenals, from ancient colonial churches to the largest labyrinth in Central America. Without a doubt an experience that you can not miss.

Flowers Route Tour – Destinations to visit:


To begin our experience in the flowers route tour, we will leave from San Salvador in the morning heading towards the west of the country, we will start with a visit to the city of Izalco. Izalco is known for being a city with a strong indigenous population that retains many of its traditions. This colorful town is located right at the foot of the volcano that bears the same name of the city. Izalco volcano. Recognized due to being one of the newest in the continent. Izalco also conserves two beautiful colonial churches that fill the city with color. Without a doubt this is a good way to start the visit to the Flowers Route tour.


We will continue with the historic city of Nahuizálco. In Nahuatl language it means “the four Izalcos”. In this town we will have the opportunity to know one of the historical events that have most affected the cultural and indigenous legacy of our country. You can enjoy knowing the municipal market, where every day the villagers sell their fresh products, here you can taste some tropical fruits. Nahuizálco is recognized as a producer of wicker and tule handicrafts, used for the creation of baskets, chairs, mats, etc.


We will continue on the Flowers Route tour, until we reach Salcoatitan, a small town whose name refers to an important indigenous god. The feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. Here you can enjoy the typical food of the city, the yucca. This city has a colonial church that adorns the road dating from 1824. You can enjoy the majesty of an ancient ceiba tree, certainly the sacred tree for our ancestors.


Our next destination on the flowers route is Juayua. In this city a gastronomic festival is held almost every weekend. You can try some of the most delicious typical dishes. Or even if you want some exotic dishes. Juayua in the route of flowers is known for its beautiful springs of water, one of these is Los Chorros de la Calera. Here you can also enjoy a refreshing bath is your delicious water. In Juayua you will have the opportunity to acquire some of the most beautiful crafts made by the ingenious hands of our craftsmen.


Another of the must-see destinations in Flowers Route tour is Apaneca. Here in the city with the highest elevation in El Salvador the options multiply. Among the activities you can do in Apaneca are: Introduce yourself in the largest labyrinth in Central America, fill yourself with adrenaline driving a buggie (ATV) through the volcanic cordillera of Apaneca until you reach the wonderful Laguna Verde located above a volcanic crater. Or enjoy the adrenaline by doing Zipline on coffee plantations. No doubt Apaneca is a destination full of adventure on the flowers route.

Flowers Route Tour Labyrinth

Flowers Route Tour Labyrint7


The last town on the flowers route is the colorful city of Concepcion de Ataco. This beautiful town is known for its beautiful murals that adorn every corner of the city. Calm cobblestone streets that make you feel that you travel in time. Ataco is known to be the producer of the best quality coffee in El Salvador. Here you can complete your experience with a visit to a coffee farm, where you can discover the entire process of coffee production. From the moment of planting it until it turns into a cup of coffee. Finally an activity with which you could conclude in a relaxing way the flowers route is visiting a hotel surrounded by pools of thermal waters. These relaxing waters from the ausoles will make you end the day perfectly.

Finally and without hesitation, the flowers route tour is a must see destination in El Salvador, and you can personalize your visit with the activities that you like most.

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Unforgettable experiences on the Flowers Route Tour:

  • Visit five colonial towns of indigenous origin.
  • Tour on a volcanic mountain range with impressive landscapes.
  • Tour through beautiful coffee plantations.
  • Enjoy the charm of the murals of Concepción de Ataco.
  • Swim in the refreshing waters of Los Chorros de la Calera.
  • Walking in local market in the city of Nahuizalco.

Flowers Route Tour Includes.

Private tour for your group. Recent and comfortable vehicle. Professional Tourist Guide. Bottle of water for each member of the group. Visit and entrance to the Nahuat Pipil museum in Nahuizalco. Visit to waterfalls of Los Chorros de la Calera, Roundtrip transfer to your hotel accommodation in San Salvador

Does not include

Entrances to the optional activities: Buggie ATV, Labertinto, Zipline, Hot Springs, Coffee Tour. (Make this tour with the optional activities you want to do), Lunch, drinks not specified

Important information

  • Gastronomic Festival of the Flowers Route is only available during weekends.
  • Do not forget to bring your swimsuit and comfortable shoes to visit Los Chorros de La Calera.
  • The estimated time of this tour is 8 hours
  • The Flowers Route is available every day, from Monday to Sunday

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