Suchitoto Tour

Suchitoto Tour is the ideal option if you want to discover the beauty of the colonial towns. A visit to Suchitoto is undoubtedly an experience that you can not miss during your visit to San Salvador.

We will leave behind the bustle of the city and modernity of San Salvador, traveling 47 kilometers to reach the charming city of Suchitoto. Suchitoto, in the language of our ancestors, means: “Place of birds and flowers.” Name that stands out for its colorful colonial architecture dating from the seventeenth century. You can enjoy the sensation of walking in ancestral stones streets. Used for hundreds of years by merchant carts and horses of the elegant blue color of the Mayans: the Indigo.

tour en suchitoto

Iglesia Santa Lucia

In this Suchitoto Tour you will have the opportunity to perceive, feel and observe closely, these old houses, but well preserved. Houses that for years were the haciendas of important leaders or conquerors, now converted into cozy hotels and splendid restaurants. The perfect way to travel in time.

Tour in Suchitoto, you have to live it!

When you arrive in the city of Suchitoto, your guide will take you to the most emblematic places of the city, you will make a walking tour. You will explore in Suchitoto some of the most important buildings such as the Church of Santa Lucia. During your Suchitoto Tour you will visit the Municipal Market, where you can enjoy some seasonal fruits, or try traditional food. You can enter the art galleries, or enjoy a delicious coffee.

Suchitoto tour

Suchitoto Streets

A Suchitoto tour is the ideal occasion to enjoy a lunch next to the peaceful lake of Suchitlán. Lake Suchitlán is the largest body of water we have in El Salvador (this lake is actually a reservoir, product of the creation of the Cerrón Grande hydroelectric dam). This lake has become the ideal space for thousands of local and migratory birds. During this Suchitoto Tour you can choose to rent a boat and enjoy a ride through the waters of Lake Suchitlán

During your Suchitoto Tour, you can not miss the visit to one of the most magnificent rock formations of El Salvador. Los Tercios Waterfall. A corner where you can see a fabulous rock formation caused by the geological activity of millions of years ago. Creating a waterfall formed by hundreds of perfectly aligned hexagonal columns. During the rainy season, it becomes a beautiful waterfall. In the dry season, you will appreciate the rock formation in detail.

On this tour in Suchitoto, you will enjoy part of the free afternoon to explore the city in your own way, get to know the craft shops and have contact with the culture. At the agreed time we will start our tour back to San Salvador.

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Unforgettable experiences during your Suchitoto tour
  • Explore the best preserved colonial town in El Salvador.
  • Walk on the quiet ancestral stone streets.
  • Discover the beautiful geological formations of basalt columns.
  • Enjoy the colonial architecture of restored houses.
  • Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Lake of Suchitlán.
  • Tour in local market in the city of Suchitoto.

Suchitoto Tour Includes

Private tour for your group. Recent and comfortable vehicle. Professional Tourist Guide. Bottle of water for each member of the group. Guided hike in the colonial city of Suchitoto, Visit to Los Tercios waterfall, Visit to the lake of Suchitlán, Roundtrip transfer to your accommodation hotel in San Salvador. (Do us if you want to leave from any other point of the country)

Does not include

Lunch, boat ride, tips (Optional), nothing that is not specified in the inclusions.

Additional activities you can do in Suchitoto
  • Boat trip on the lake of Suchitlán.
  • Take an indigo workshop, and discover the coloring of the Mayans
  • Choose to visit Cihuatán, the largest archaeological site in El Salvador
  • Visit the rain forest of the town of Cinquera.

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