Discover the beauty and glamor of the city of San Salvador at night! The city of San Salvador has long been one of the most important in Central America. If you are visiting San Salvador, this is the ideal opportunity to enjoy all its splendor in a different way. Discover it accompanied by professional tour guides, who will make you experience the history of each beautiful place … Be part of this adventure and join us! Recently the Historical Center has been renovated, allowing to highlight the beauty and details of the buildings that dominate the center of San Salvador. This has filled this beautiful destination of life, beauty and culture, especially at night. Make the most of your stay in El Salvador and discover the beauty of San Salvador at night. We will start our tour at 4:30 p.m., heading to the south area of San Salvador, towards the emblematic Puerta del Diablo. Do you think a terrifying name? The beauty of this place is exceptional! Here will be the destination with which we will begin this tour. A giant mountain of rock with a view that will leave you breathless. You will enjoy an incomparable landscape of Lake Ilopango, the Pacific Ocean, the city of San Salvador and the Volcano of San Salvador. A view of almost 365 ° that will make you enjoy the beauty of the Salvadoran territory. We will know the history behind La Puerta del Diablo. This destination is visited every weekend by hundreds of Salvadorans to enjoy the pleasant weather. Without a doubt an unmissable place. From La Puerta del Diablo we can observe the sunset.

Puerta del Diablo

We will continue our tour with a stop to enjoy the typical dish of excellence of the Salvadorans, Las Pupusas! What better place than Los Planes de Renderos to taste them? We will enjoy an excellent view of the city of San Salvador. From here we will observe the city of San Salvador being sheltered at night while its glow begins to light up. After having delighted with this dish we will start our tour in San Salvador at night. Our first destination will be the renovated Plaza Gerardo Barrios. In this place we have witnessed some of the most important episodes in the history of Salvadoran society. Both sad and happy alike. Now it has become the heart of the historic center of San Salvador. We will discover some of the most important events hidden in this square.

San Salvador view

We will observe the National Palace, one of the buildings that most embellish the Historic Center of San Salvador. From this place some of the most important decisions of El Salvador were taken. Built to house the 3 main powers of the country. It has been declared a national monument. We will enjoy appreciating the architectural details of this magnificent construction. We will continue walking through the historic center, observing the life of the Salvadorans, understanding more of the day to day of the Salvadorans. This is the place where thousands of Salvadorans cross to return to their homes after work. We will observe the facade and we will know the history of the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador. We will discover how the different natural phenomena, as well as the fires, have practically drawn the history of the city of San Salvador. The Metropolitan Cathedral has not been the exception, completely destroyed twice. Now you can observe it in all its splendor. We will visit the Plaza Morazán, the oldest square in the historic center of San Salvador. Opposite this square is also located in the National Theater of El Salvador. Surroundings to these buildings, recently and because of the embellishment of the Historic Center, new cafés and restaurants have been opened that fill it with life and good atmosphere.

Gerardo Barrios Plaza

For many years the center of San Salvador was a forgotten place and little visited, but after this transformation, this place has become the favorite meeting place for Salvadorans, the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the family, or enjoy a pleasant moment with friends. Without a doubt, this is a must-see place in your visit to San Salvador. Once finished our refreshing tour of downtown San Salvador, we will visit some of the most important monuments of San Salvador. Some like El Salvador Del Mundo and Plaza a la Reconciliación. El Salvador has many hidden beauties, and visiting it at night is without a doubt a spectacle that you can not miss. Come and be part of this fabulous experience and book with us.
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Price per person $ 35.00 USD / minimum 2 people

What to expect from this experience?

  • Close contact with the Salvadoran culture.
  • Opportunity to enjoy the typical dishes of El Salvador.
  • Taste Pupusas with a spectacular view of San Salvador.
  • Walk through the streets of the Historic Center of San Salvador.
  • Spectacular landscapes that will leave you breathless.
  • Enjoy the life and friendly atmosphere of the San Salvador Center.


  • Transport in comfortable recent vehicle.
  • Water bottle.
  • Certified professional tourist guide.
  • All entries to the sites of interest.
  • Tour available in English and Spanish.
  • Transportation from hotels in the metropolitan area of San Salvador.
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