Joya de Ceren and San Andres are the main archaeological sites that we will discover on this tour.

In El Salvador the history of the volcanoes and the different civilizations that have passed through this land have a close relationship between destruction and conservation. In this tour we will observe this fact closely.

Among the many civilizations that have lived in El Salvador, one of the most important has been the Mayans. The Mayans are known to have developed complex societies with impressive temples in the Mesoamerican area. But the first destination we will visit is something completely different.

Joya de Ceren

Archaeological Site Joya de Cerén is the first of all points to visit. Joya de Ceren is completely the oposite of any Mayan templeWorld heritage site by UNESCO since 1993. Here we will have contact with the remains of a Mayan agricultural village of 1400 years ago. This village was covered by 14 layers of ash as a result of the eruption of the Loma Caldera volcano in the year 635 AD. This ash allowed that Joya de Cerén could remain intact in time.

Known as the “Pompeii of America” Joya de Cerén is the only place within the Mayan domain where we can know the way of life of an agricultural community. Food, how they slept, their daily activities, their architecture, how they cultivated and also their true day to day. All this stopped in time because of a nearby volcanic explosion that preserved it until it was discovered by mistake. It is a destination that you can not miss during your visit to El Salvador.

San Andres

After our tour in Joya de Cerén, we will continue with the visit to the San Andrés Archaeological Site. This place was an important political – religious center that had its apogee during the years 600 to 900 AD. We will have access to a group of four pyramids placed in an exclusive acropolis for the Mayan elite. It is also known that in this important place strong commercial ties were made with Copan, southern Mexico, Belize and Peten. All this for the different artifacts found in the place.

This tour is a special experience to see the two Mayan social strata. The way of life of the elite and specially relevant, the common people.

Finally after visiting these two archaeological sites, we will discover in our tour an impressive place in El Salvador. Coatepeque lake. This lake, which is a volcanic caldera, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Changing every year without warning, from a deep blue color to an incredible emerald color. This is as a result of its contact with the volcanoes that surround it. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal while you have a spectacular view of the lake.

Joya de Ceren and San Andres Mayan Route includes

Private tour, comfortable recent car transport, professional tour guide, transfer to and from hotel accommodation or address of your choice, bottle of water, all tickets and all taxes

Not Included

Drinks (except specified), lunches, tips (optional)

What to Bring?

•Comfortable shoes
•Light clothing
•Photographic camera
• Sweater or jacket

Estimated time 6 hours
Available from Tuesday to Sunday