Understand our culture by exploring the civilization that has inherited the customs and traditions that are still preserved in many of our native peoples, such as Mayan cultural roots.

We will begin our trip in Joya de Cerén, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993, a site that contributes greatly to clarifying one of the great enigmas of the Maya: how did they obtain enough nutrition to build such large cities and monuments?

This is one of the very few archaeological sites in Mesoamerica that provide a broad view of how ordinary people lived in the classic Mayan period.


Afterwards we will travel a couple of kilometers to reach an important religious, political and commercial center, the archaeological site San Andrés, where we will have a wider vision of what was an important Mayan lord of the area, we will know its different forms of sacrifice and we will visit the pyramids of the Acropolis.

We will continue the tour with a relaxing visit to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Coatepeque, here you can enjoy a delicious lunch, with a simply spectacular view.

We will arrive at the Tazumal Archaeological site. Important and sophisticated Maya settlement, where we will visit the largest pyramid in El Salvador, place of sacrifices, offerings and important excavations.

We will finish visiting one of the oldest indigenous settlements in the history of El Salvador, the “Casa Blanca” Archaeological Site. There are at least five ethnic groups: Mayas, Pipiles, Teoltiguacanos, Olmecas and Pokomanes. According to research carried out by foreign archaeologists it is known that in Chalchuapa there are indigenous settlements from 1200 BC

It includes
Private tour, comfortable recent car transport, professional tour guide, transfer to and from hotel accommodation or address of your choice, bottle of water, all tickets and all taxes

Not Included
Drinks (except specified), lunches, tips (optional)

What to Bring?
• Comfortable shoes
• Light clothing
• Photographic camera
• Sunscreen
• Sweater or jacket

Estimated time 8 hours
Available from Tuesday to Sunday