Tazumal and Mayan Route

  • 08:30 A.M.

    Recommended starting time

  • Difficulty: Easy

    Recommended for all ages

  • San Salvador city

    Starting Point

  • Tuesday through Sunday


  • Tour Duration 8:00 H

    7 – 8  Hours Aprox

Tazumal and Mayan Route Description

Tazumal, Joya de Cerén and San Andrés, are the archaeological sites that you will discover in this route. El Salvador was part of Mesoamerica, the region where the Mayans settled and developed their civilization. One of the most important sites in the Mayan Route is Joya de Ceren. Joya de Cerén is the only UNESCO site in the country, here exist almost intact the remains of an agricultural village that existed more than 1400 years ago. This village was affected by the eruption of a volcano that covered and preserved the place with 14 layers of ash. In all the territory dominated by the Mayans this place is the only one where you can appreciate what life was like for ordinary Mayans people. The structures of Joya de Cerén were built with fragile materials such as bahareque, wood, grass. So its conservation is something that amazes visitors.

The San Andrés archaeological site is a complex of pyramids that functioned as a political and ceremonial center that dominated the Zapotitan valley. It is considered to have strong connections with the Copan archaeological site in Honduras. Here we will have access to the acropolis, the most exclusive part of the site during its occupation. Part of this archaeological tour includes visiting the beautiful Lake Coatepeque, here you can enjoy a delicious lunch with a breathtaking panoramic view.

An important part of the visit is Tazumal, with the largest pyramid in El Salvador. Tazumal is located in the center of Chalchuapa city. The structures of this archaeological site were the place of an important indigenous settlement. Among the constructions found there are tombs, water drainages, but what stands out most is the pyramid. The Tazumal pyramid is 24 meters high and has different construction stages influenced by Toltec, Copan and Teotihuacan culture. Tombs have been found with funerary offerings such as: earthenware vessels, necklaces, mirrors, rings, axes and other utensils. Tazumal is a fundamental part of archeology in El Salvador.

Tazumal and Mayan Route Itinerary

  • 08:30 am

    Departure from your hotel

    Your guide will be waiting for you ready to start this adventure

  • 09:00 am

    Joya de Cerén

    UNESCO site. Guided tour in the preserved structures of Joya de Ceren. Houses, Storage rooms, meeting place, temazcal sauna, shaman’s house, corn plantations. Discover the impressive information that this site provides.

  • 10:30 AM

    San Andres

    Guided tour to the Mayan government center that existed in San Andres, Tour in the pyramids of the Acropolis, interpretation of the archaeological site. Guided visit to the museum where rocogen the findings that shows its connection with Copán – Honduras.

  • 12:15 MD

    Coatepeque Lake

    Enjoy a delicious lunch, with the spectacular panoramic view of Coatepeque Lake. Considered the most beautiful lake in El Salvador, a lake of volcanic origin.

  • 02:30 PM


    Tazumal is the archaeological site with the highest pyramid in El Salvador of 24 meters (78 ft) in height. Tazumal is located in the most ancient prehispanic settlement in the country. You will discover how it has been modified in time by different civilizations that have inhabited it: Olmecs, Mayans and Toltecs. Interpretive visit to the museum and Mayan ball game

  • 03.30 pm

    Return to San Salvador City

    We start our return to your lodging hotel in San Salvador, an approximate ride of 1 hour and a half. Approximate time of arrival 05.00 pm to 05.30 pm. End of our services.

Inclusions & Exclusions on this Trip

INCLUSIONS • Small Groups • San Salvador city hotel pickup and drop-off • Transport by comfortable vehicle • Professional guide • All Entrances fees.

EXCLUSIONS •Gratuities (optional)• Lunch /Food • Drinks • Water Bottles


  • Visit the 3 most important archeological sites.
  • Guided Tour.
  • Visit the most beautiful lake in the Country.
  • Discover the only one Unesco site in El Salvador.
  • Learn about Mayan history in El Salvador.

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