The most important destinations of San Salvador are waiting for you in this San Salvador city tour. Active volcanoes, birds, coffee plantations, landscapes that will leave you breathless. Colonial towns that keep hundreds of years of history and culture. Without missing the hidden beauties in our San Salvador Historical Center. One of these beauties is a church with a unique architecture that does not exist anywhere else on the American continent. You can not miss this authentic experience, making this San Salvador City Tour. Choose the perfect combination for you!

In this San Salvador city tour you can combine it with Nature, visiting El Boquerón National Park. Or you can combine it with a cultural visit to a beautiful and small colonial town, Panchimalco, visiting the unmissable Puerta del Diablo (Devil’s Door). Or why not the life of one of the Salvadoran characters that has most influenced the recent history of El Salvador: Monseñor Romero. Are you ready? Let us begin!

San Salvador City Tour.

During this tour we will know the two faces Salvadoran capital has. We will begin our visit to San Salvador visiting the most economically privileged areas. We will travel in the streets and avenues that make up San Salvador.  All this while you immerse yourself in the history that makes El Salvador unique. We will also visit up close and we will know during this city tour. The most important and representative monuments of San Salvador. Monuments that have marked transcendental events in the life and history of Salvadorans. In this San Salvador city tour we will have the opportunity to visit some of them.

The most representative monuments

Monument to the Revolution: impressive mosaic located in one of the most exclusive areas of San Salvador. It has been built with rocky materials from different regions of El Salvador. It is a representation of a New Salvadoran People. You can not miss a photo in this place.

Monument to Reconciliation: After almost 12 years of a cruel civil war suffered in El Salvador, between 1981 and 1992 peace agreements were finally reached. An event that was very joyful for Salvadorans and celebrated throughout El Salvador. This monument celebrates the 25th anniversary of the signing of the peace agreements. Also reminds us of our commitment not to return to the past.

El Salvador del Mundo Monument: Located in the heart of the economic and also financial center of San Salvador. This monument marks the history of one of the most emblematic presidents in the history of El Salvador. In addition to being one of the most representative monuments of Salvadorans around the world.

San Salvador Historical Center

So far we have known the modern part of San Salvador. It is time to travel back in time and let the ancient architectural trends tell us the history of San Salvador. We will reach the area of the city with the most informal trade activity. Here you will have the opportunity to have a close contact with people. We can observe the Salvadoran who works every day in an ingenious way to bring food to their homes. You can even try if you want some of the seasonal fruits or typical food. This is the perfect opportunity to walk the streets, and have a view of the real El Salvador.

San Salvador Historical Center

Plaza Libertad, San Salvador

During our San Salvador city tour in the historic center of San Salvador we can have a spectacular view of the National Palace. This is probably one of the most splendid buildings that adorn the center of San Salvador. Also worked for a long time as an office of the 3 main powers of the Salvadoran state. We will visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador. This cathedral was destroyed for the last time in 1951 because of a fire, beginning its reconstruction a little later and taking more than 40 years to complete. This building has undoubtedly witnessed much of the country’s recent history.

Most emblematic monuments in San Salvador

We will walk in Plaza Gerardo Barrios, one of the favorite destinations for Salvadorans to relax in the afternoon. Important part in the nomenclature of San Salvador. This square has the effigy of Captain General Gerardo Barrios mounted on his horse, this man was one of the most important politicians, military and statesmen of El Salvador, being also the main driver of the cultivation of coffee and a united Central America.

in this San Salvador city tour you can not miss our visit to Plaza Libertad. This historic square has been the first construction in our capital. This is the point from where the expansion of San Salvador began. The Plaza has had many names with the passage of time, being the last coined in 1911 to celebrate the centenary of the “Independence movement” of 1811. The surroundings of the Plaza Libertad, were for a long time the center of economic, political and religious power From El Salvador.

An unmissable point during our San Salvador city tour, is the visit to El Rosario Church.

San Salvador city tour

El Rosario Church – San Salvador

El Rosario church in El Salvador is a unique architectural construction on the American continent. For many people it was a controversial building because of its unconventional design. It was even necessary to request special permits from the Vatican for the architectural design ahead of its time. When you are standing outside this building, which may seem like an abandoned factory. Very few people can really imagine the architectural beauty that it keeps inside. A beautiful rainbow of colors takes over the inner part of the roof. But no less interesting is the story that it keeps inside its walls.

Certainly you can not miss this San Salvador city tour during your visit to El Salvador.

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Full day option 1: San Salvador City tour and El Boquerón National Park

This is the perfect complement for your San Salvador city tour. First of all Nature, breathe fresh and pure air and also breathtaking landscapes. After finishing our tour in the city of San Salvador, visiting the most emblematic monuments, the most representative neighborhoods and closely observing the life of San Salvador, we will visit the colossal and imposing volcano of San Salvador or better known as El Boqueron National Park. El Salvador is a land of volcanoes, as a result of be a countries with more volcanoes per square kilometer of the planet. This time you will have the opportunity to be on top of one of them.

San Salvador Volcano

El Boqueron National Park

The volcano of San Salvador or El Boquerón, is located only 25 km from the city of San Salvador. The road to the volcano is surrounded by coffee plantations, which furthermore was for a long time, the most important national product of the country. You will probably have the opportunity to get to know the coffee plants and the coffee bean up close. El Salvador coffee is one of the best selling products around the world. You will learn about the interesting history of coffee in El Salvador.

San Salvador Volcano seems like a sleeping giant.

On June 7, 1917, at 7 o’clock at night, the San Salvador volcano entered in an eruptive process, leaving the city San Salvador city devastated. A series of earthquakes accompanied the eruption, causing much damage to the buildings of the capital . Now, more than 100 years after its last eruption, the San Salvador volcano has become a sleeping giant. El Boquerón National Park has become the preferred destination for hundreds of Salvadoran and foreigns tourists. Here you will  find a natural refuge, perfect weather and, of course, spectacular views.

city tour san salvador

San Salvador Landscape

On our tour of the San Salvador volcano, we will have the opportunity to observe the best views of the Salvadoran capital and the territory that surrounds it. If you want we can make a stop to taste the dish typical of Salvadorans, the Pupusas! You can not leave El Salvador without tasting this dish. Upon reaching the national park, we will walk through beautiful paths surrounded by flowers, trees and the song of the birds. This is one of the volcanoes in which it is easier to reach the top of the crater, taking only 10 to 15 minutes. But the beauty of this colossal volcano is well worth the effort.

Undoubtedly, the San Salvador Volcano is the ideal nature option to get the most out of your trip in the city of San Salvador.

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Full day option 2: San Salvador City Tour and Panchimalco (Colonial Village)

If what you are passionate about is getting in touch with the cultural roots of a nation, we are sure that completing your tour with a view of the colorful colonial city of Panchimalco will be the perfect option.

After finishing our San Salvador city tour, we will change the urbanism for something different, and we will travel in time to the beautiful town of Panchimalco (Town of Mayan descent), located 17 km or 10.5 miles south of the city of San Salvador. On our way to Panchimalco, we will make a special visit to one of the most visited destinations by Salvadorans every weekend: La Puerta del Diablo (Devil’s Door).

Impressive landscapes of the Salvadoran territory

Although the name may be shocking, do not be confused. This place is a gigantic rock formation, with an elevation of 1070 masl, which allows you to experience a landscape of almost 360 °. From the top you can see the largest lake in the country, Lake Ilopango, which is actually another active volcano, which made the last apocalyptic eruption in 530 AD. The Chinchontepec Volcano, The San Salvador volcano, and a beautiful panorama of the Pacific Ocean. In this place you can also find a selection of typical Salvadoran dishes made from corn.

Puerta del Diablo

Devil’s Door – Panchimalco

We will continue on our tour to the city of Panchimalco, here our first point of visit will be the Casa Encuentros Workshop, where we will introduce ourselves in an atmosphere that would inspire anyone to become an artist. This is the workshop and showroom of one of the most important artists in El Salvador, Miguel Ángel Ramírez. He will open the doors of his workshop to see how art is changing for good, the history consequently of the indigenous communities of this charming colonial town. We will be able to appreciate some of its beautiful works, as well as the work of the young and little ones of Panchimalco.

Panchimalco, the colorful colonial city

In Panchimalco there is still a small number of inhabitants who are still carriers of the original language of our ancestors: the Nahuatl. (Original language of the Maya) Many of the settlers also retain the physical features, customs and ancestral traditions that characterized the communities descendants of the Mayans.

Panchimalco San Salvador

Santa Cruz de Roma Church – Panchimalco

Panchimalco guard with suspicion one of the oldest architectural gems of the colonial era in El Salvador. The Church of the Holy Cross in Rome. This structure was inaugurated around the 1730s, and continues to be used for religious ceremonies in its almost 300 years of existence, supporting dozens of earthquakes. Upon entering you can feel the smell of history that emanates from its firm wooden structure. Special architectural details of the time embellish every little slice of this impressive Baroque religious architecture.

Undoubtedly, if you are a lover of history, art and culture, visiting the city of Panchimalco is a complement to your San Salvador city tour

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