Do you have a Layover in San Salvador airport? Perfect, this is the ideal opportunity to discover a hidden gem in Central America. El Salvador is the country of short distances, everything is very close. You won’t believe it but even with 6 hours layover El Salvador, you can have a great experience. City tour, archaeological tours, Nature, Volcanoes, Lakes, Surfing beaches, El Salvador has it all. Do you dare to discover it? Enjoy your San Salvador layover tour.

What to do during a San Salvador layover tour?

El Salvador International Airport is just 35 minutes from the capital, San Salvador. The Airport is also only 40 minutes from the beaches of La Libertad. The top of the imposing San Salvador volcano is only 1 hour from the airport. Explore a UNESCO site: Joya de Cerén, a Mayan village buried by the eruption of a volcano 1400 years ago. Try the delicious Pupusas, the original typical dish of El Salvador. Walk in the colonial town of Panchimalco and discover one of the oldest churches in El Salvador.

Enjoy your San Salvador layover tour, with a 7 hours stopover, you can enjoy one of the most emblematic tours: San Salvador City Tour and El Boqueron National Park .

With this experience, first of all, you can visit the San Salvador volcano, where one of the best views of the city is located. You will walk through the crater known as El Boqueron. El Salvador is the country of volcanoes, so taking a tour on the volcano is a perfect idea, this volcano is extremely easy to climb, it is a 10-minute walk. We will continue with a tour in San Salvador, visiting the monuments and the modern city side, to finish in the city center. Here finally in the Historic center of San Salvador is located, with unique monuments, such as the El Rosario church. Also the Metropolitan Cathedral and the squares full of lives, where Salvadorans gather. You can find this Layover Tour here.

Layover El Salvador, El boqueron National Park

If you find yourself having a stopover at the San Salvador airport, the most dangerous thing that can happen to you is to stay at the airport and not enjoy the beauties of this beautiful country.

In this section you will find the Stop Over / Layover  El Salvador Tour you are looking for: