Eco Tours Petate is a versatile and dynamic company, made up of passionate tourism experts, who love the things we do and put our hearts into every service we offer. With more than ten years of experience.

Focused on three fundamental pillars.

1– Quality in service. Our team is constantly training on tourist destinations, security and customer service, to guarantee an international quality experience, making our customers love El Salvador and want to return.

2– The satisfaction of our customers. It is our reason for being. We are convinced that the people who place their trust in us, are our letter of presentation for future business opportunities, for that reason, we take care of every detail to make your experience complacent.

3– Your security. We pay special attention to each of the details related to this aspect, from a modern vehicle fleet with maintenance booklet, training to road crew members, first aid, international insurance coverage that we hope to never need to use, until the Verification of destinations to visit and routes to follow. This way you can dedicate yourself simply to enjoy.

Why do we take the name of Eco Tours Petate?

Today the effect of climate change is negatively impacting humanity, which is why we decided to adopt the name ECO to emphasize our commitment to the protection of ecosystems and natural resources.

TOURS is the main activity that we strive to transform for unforgettable and pleasant experiences for you, the most important person in our work, emphasizing your safety, satisfaction and quality in the service.

PETATE is a natural fiber fabric called Tule, invented by the Maya civilization, which was often used to place on the beds, giving freshness and relaxation during rest. If we separately take a Tule fiber, with which the Petate is made, we can break it very easily. But that same fragile and simple fiber, after being processed, woven and transformed into a Petate, is difficult to break. Similarly, our company, through the creation of strategic alliances, has transformed us into a robust, versatile, and competitive organization in the tourism industry. Developing business with people and organizations in different parts of the world.

We are part of the most representative associations of the tourism industry in El Salvador, among them the Ministry of Tourism, the Salvadoran Tourism Corporation, the National Tourist Registry, the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism and the Salvadoran Association of Tour Operators, among others.

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