Day 1 – Welcome. A member of our team will be picked up at the International Airport and taken to your hotel in San Salvador.

Day 2 – Visit the Museum of Anthropology David J Guzman, to have an excellent panorama and introduction to customs, life, prehispanic history of ancient civilizations that once populated the Salvadoran and left a legacy that still continues living in the day by day in our town. Make a pleasant visit to the largest archaeological site of El Salvador, Cihuatán. Treasure of great importance in Central America, with almost 300 hectares of continuous constructions. It was occupied only for a short time, between 900 AD and 1100 AD

Day 3 – We will go to the Pompeii of America, unique archaeological site in all Mesoamerica: Joya de Cerén. Ancient Mayan village that was covered by the ash of a volcanic eruption, preserving it in time for 1400 years, which allows us to know how the Mayas lived, how they slept and what their nutrition was. Then we will transfer to the San Andres Archaeological Site, an important religious, political and commercial center, where we will have a wider view of what was an important Mayan lord of the area, we will know its different forms of sacrifice and we will visit the pyramids of the Acropolis. Finish with a visit to the most beautiful lake in El Salvador: Coatepeque

Day 4 – On this day we will visit the archaeological site with the largest pyramid of El Salvador: Tazumal. It was a place where the influence of Copán arrived, as well as the Teotihuacan and Toltec influence. It comprises a series of structures that were the scene of an important and sophisticated Mayan settlement that existed around the years 100 and 1200 d.C. We will continue with the visit to the Casa Blanca Archaeological Site, which became the center of an important Mayan lordship early in the late Pre-Classic period, where we will also have the opportunity to participate in an indigo workshop. We will finish with a visit to the Historical Center of the city of Santa Ana, famous for its Gothic style church.

Day 5 – Airport Transfer. At the appointed time we will pick you up at your hotel, with enough time to go to the National Handicraft Market, to make your last purchases. Transfer to the International Airport of El Salvador. End of our services