Transfer Royal Decameron Salinitas Hotel. Book your transfer from El Salvador International Airport to Royal Decameron Salinitas Hotel. Stop worrying about your holidays and enjoy a comfortable, safe and timely transfer. Allow us to be part of your experience in El Salvador, making your personalized transfer.

The best beaches in Central America are in El Salvador. Decameron Salinitas Hotel has become the preferred destination for thousands of visitors who visit El Salvador every year.

Enjoy your transfer Royal Decameron hotel is located 125 kilometers from the El Salvador International Airport SAL. Transportation from the airport to Hotel Decámeron takes around 2:00 hours. Dedicate yourself to enjoy the landscape of the Salvadoran coast during your transfer Royal Decameron Salinitas. Let yourself be accompanied by our expert drivers.

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Transportation Royal Decameron Salinitas.

Our private transportation services are dedicated to satisfying your needs. Among the available transport options are Sedan vehicles, with capacity for 3 people. Vans with capacity for 16 people, minibuses with capacity of 25 people and buses with capacity for 52 people. All our vehicles are recent and with the necessary comforts, to make your transfer to the hotel Decámeron Salinitas very pleasant.

Our staff in charge of transportation from the international airport of El Salvador, have been trained to offer the best service to our visitors. They are being trained constantly, to ensure a worry-free transportation service. In the same way, if what you need is the transportation service from the Royal Decámeron Salinitas Hotel to the El Salvador Airport, you can count on us. Our transportation services are available for you 365 days a year 24/7.

Tour before your Transfer Royal Decameron Salinitas.

El Salvador is a country of short distances. You can travel from one destination to another easily. Make the most of your time before you move Transfer Royal Decameron Salinitas and discover what El Salvador has to offer. El salvador is the country of volcanoes. El Boquerón National Park. Enjoy a pleasant visit to the San Salvador volcano, where a cool and welcoming climate will welcome you. You will have the best landscapes of the city of San Salvador while you enjoy your contact with the nature of this sleeping giant. Make the most of your visit to El Salvador before your transfer Royal Decameron Salinitas.

Another unforgettable destination in El Salvador is the Mayan Route. Take a tour of the most important archaeological sites of our prehispanic history. One of the destinations on this route is Joya de Cerén. The remains of a Mayan population remain here almost intact. The ashes of a volcanic eruption preserved this village. This place remained buried for more than 1400 years. It will undoubtedly allow you to see the connection that still exists between our people and our ancestors. Without a doubt this is the best way to enjoy El Salvador before your transfer Royal Decamerón Salinitas.